End-to-End Employee Experience


Connect people with work and each other through peer-to-peer recognition and bring them together to celebrate moments, big and small wins while all employees are aligned with company values and business goals through recognition.


Share useful feedback with colleagues to help them grow and improve performanceFeedback can be open-ended or based on predefined competencies and company values. Share and request peer to peer feedback at any time. Public, private or anonymous.

Pulse Surveys

At the end you will have a real-time data about how your people feel about work by customized pulse surveys.
Drive action and measure your impact with a continuous, real-time understanding of employee engagement.

Social community

Community building within a company gives employees a sense of belonging and connectedness at work. In this feature employees are allowed to shape and manage their own communities with different topics from knowledge sharing to fun and hobbies and encourage others to have social activities.


Push notifications ensure that everyone receives critical communications messages on time. You can even track who has read the message to ensure no one is left behind. No corporate email address or hardware is needed, meaning employees can access "Shine” on any device and entire teams can be contacted at the click of a button.

All-in-One Engagement Platform

All employees are allowed to have different activities in this platform
from recognition to social networking which has different score and experience like a game.